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I have to control some hardware, which is controlled by a C interface. The C interface is C++ header file, which contains some functions, one -called set_mirror()- which i need. This C file has also a int array, called voltage, which is used by set_mirror. I am trying to use cython to build a python function, which implements a set_mir(volt) function. To do that, i have to set the voltage array, but i don't know how to access it:

My pxy file:

cdef extern from 'mmdm_lin38usb.h':
    int voltage[40]
    int init_dac()
    void close_dac()
    void set_mirror()


def set_mir(volt):
    for i in range(40):
# Only for testing, how to access to int array.
        print voltage[i]

    if len(volt)!=40:
        raise "Need 40 values"
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Is unclear what the final operation is : do you want to set 40 values from a volt python list into an array of 40 ints ? I would suggest something like the following. If possible don't modify the global int array. Watch out the voltage array is local.

import clib

cdef extern from 'mmdm_lin38usb.h':
    int init_dac()
    void close_dac()
    void set_mirror(int *voltage)


cpdef set_mir(volt):
    cdef int voltage[40]

    if len(volt) != 40:
        raise ValueError("Need 40 values")

    for i from 0 <=  i < 40:
        print voltage[i]
        voltage[i] = int(clib.round(volt[i]))

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Is this the most efficient way? can explicit conversion be avoided? –  Acorbe Sep 27 '13 at 14:14

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