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I would like to know how to have a shared Crosshair. I have a CombinedXYPlot with 5 XYPlots and when I click on the graph, I would like to have one single Crosshair that will appear on each SubPlot. For the moment, when I click on a SubPlot, the Crosshair appears only on this SubPlot :

List<XYPlot> lxyp = t.getSubplots();
        for (XYPlot xyp : lxyp) {

Then, how to change the color and the thickness of this Crosshair ?

Thanks for your response !

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I am unfamiliar with CombinedXYPlot, but the method setDomainCrosshairStroke() may available. This affords all the features of BasicStroke.

subplot1.setDomainCrosshairStroke(new BasicStroke(1f));
subplot2.setDomainCrosshairStroke(new BasicStroke(1f));
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Thanks for your response trashgod but it does not work. The Crosshair still appears only on the subPlot I have clicked, the subPlots are still independent. – Johann May 18 '11 at 7:21
Be sure to set the desired properties on each subplot. – trashgod May 18 '11 at 11:26

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