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I would like to create an "Options" screen in a blackberry application, so when running the application they click the blackberry button and have an "Options" MenuItem. I can create this manually, but I am wondering if there's a standard way to do it, as I noticed all of the standard applications (contacts, calendar, messaging, etc) all have a standard look and feel.

Please note I am not talking about the OptionsManager/OptionsProvider - these are to provide options for the application in the global settings, not within the application itself.


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As I know, there is no standard option screen in BlackBerry. Take a look on Implement advanced buttons, fields, and managers. There is FieldSet component inside their sample project, it allows to create layouting and styling very similar to standard option screens.

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Do you mean the CHANGE_OPTION MenuItem?

You can use MenuItem.getPrefab(int) with MenuItem.CHANGE_OPTION.

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interesting. i might have. i didn't know this existed. what does it do when it run() ? –  automaton May 17 '11 at 15:50
Can't remember; and not in a place to test. Will let you know later :) –  Swati May 17 '11 at 16:36

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