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I have an asp:button which is inside an asp:hyperlink. When you click the button in firefox, it goes to the correct url specified by the asp:hyperlink, but if you click the button in internet explorer, it stays on the same page. I am just using the PostBackUrl property on the button to resolve the issue, but here is an example of the code:

<asp:Hyperlink ID="hyp" runat="server" NavigateUrl="Page2.aspx">
<asp:Button ID="btn" runat="server" Text="Submit" /></asp:Hyperlink>

Why does the above work in firefox, but not IE?

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Why do you have the button? –  Andrew Barrett Mar 2 '09 at 17:51
I would say you really want to ask how to style an hyperlink as a button –  eglasius Mar 2 '09 at 17:53
I am styling the button, but my question is why does the above work in firefox, but not in IE. –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:59
Yes but you don't need the hyperlink and the button, it's overkill, use a single control that fits the purpose i.e. LinkButton –  Nick Allen Mar 2 '09 at 18:01

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What you did is not very correct.

Just add the button and in its click handler do:


Alternatively you can write a line of javascript:

<input type="button" value="Text" onclick="location='Page2.aspx'" />
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Im just using the PostBackUrl property on the button which works fine. –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:55
PostBackUrl is another story but it should work too. There are just too many solutions to this problem. –  Mehrdad Afshari Mar 2 '09 at 17:56
Any idea why my code above would not work in IE, but in firefox. –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:58
Probably firefox considers the click on the button also for the hyperlink. Not sure though :) –  Mehrdad Afshari Mar 2 '09 at 17:59

Is there a reason why you are using a button inside a hyperlink? Depending on the design you are trying to achive I would use just a Button or a LinkButton and then do a redirect after your logic in the codebehind

<asp:Button runat='server' id='button1' Text='Click Me' Click='button1_Click' />
<asp:LinkButton runat='server' id='linkbutton1' Text='Click Me'  Click='button1_Click' />


protected void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
  // some logic

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

I suspect your having discrepencies between Firefox and Internet Explorer because of the way the events are bubbled/propogated between the browsers. If you would like to cancel the propagation of the event, you would need to include a call to event.preventDefault() or event.stopPropagation() in your button click event handler (in javascript)?

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Actually, I think I did this by accident, but now I am curious as to why it works in firefox, but not IE. This may not be the best answer, but I am using a button because I am setting a CssClass on the button. –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:56

Your button is executing a postback on the same page. If I were you I would try and use a standard button in your HTML toolbox instead of an ASP.NET button.

Edit: I would more highly suggest eliminating your button control and styling your hyperlink appropriately, or eliminate both and use a hyperlinkbutton control instead and have its display properties set to display as a button.

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Why does it work in firefox, but not IE? –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:53

I would use an <asp:LinkButton CssClass="myButton" OnClick="Redirect" /> and then CSS to style it how you want it to look and the code-behind to handle the functionality.

protected void Redirect(object sender, EventArgs e)
   // do something

Three way seperation of presentation, markup and functionality is the way to go in my opinion

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That is exactly what I am doing with the button, but I was just curious as to why it works in firefox and not in ie. –  Xaisoft Mar 2 '09 at 17:57

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