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I have a problem with raising an event on a mocked object. I am using Rhino Mocks 3.4. I have studied similar questions, but failed to reproduce any of the suggested solutions.

I have a class -- Foo -- which have a private method, that is only accessed by event invokation by an injected interface -- IBar.

How do I raise the event IBar.BarEvent, from a RhinoMock object, so I can Test the method in Foo?

Here is my code:

public sealed class TestEventRaisingFromRhinoMocks

    public void Test()
        MockRepository mockRepository = new MockRepository();
        IBar bar = mockRepository.Stub<IBar>();


        Foo foo = new Foo(bar);

        //What to do, if I want invoke bar.BarEvent with value =123??

        Assert.That(foo.BarValue, Is.EqualTo(123));



public class Foo
    private readonly IBar _bar;
    private int _barValue; 

    public Foo(IBar bar)
        _bar = bar;
        _bar.BarEvent += BarHandling; 

    public int BarValue
        get { return _barValue; }

    private void BarHandling(object sender, BarEventArgs args)
        //Eventhandling here: How do I get here with a Rhino Mock object? 
        _barValue = args.BarValue;

public interface IBar
    event EventHandler<BarEventArgs> BarEvent;

public class BarEventArgs:EventArgs
    public BarEventArgs(int barValue)
        BarValue = barValue;
    public int BarValue { get; set; } 
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You need an IEventRaiser, which you can get via

bar.BarEvent += null;
var eventRaiser = LastCall.IgnoreArguments().GetEventRaiser();

Then, when you want to raise the event, you can call eventRaiser.Raise with the required arguments, e.g. sender and event args (depends on your event handler definition).

(Edit: this is based on Rhino.Mocks 3.1!)

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Something like this I think:

bar.Raise(x => x.BarEvent += null, this, EventArgs.Empty);


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FWIW, He's using Rhino.Mocks 3.4 –  Vadim May 17 '11 at 15:22
Ah, I missed that bit in the question. –  Phil Sandler May 17 '11 at 15:28

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