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the above link is a sample of what i am doing.

my question is how can i make jquery ui dialog underneath the radiobutton?

<div id="rbl_1"><input type="radio" group="one" id="r1" value="Milk"> Milk</div>
<div id="rbl_2"><input type="radio" group="one" id="r2" value="Butter" checked> Butter</div>

<div id="divid0" style="border:1px;">0</div>
<div id="divid1">1</div>
<div id="divid2">2</div>

            autoOpen: false,

            autoOpen: false,

            autoOpen: false,

        $('#rbl_0 :radio').hover(

        function() {
        }, function() {

        $('#rbl_1 :radio').hover(

        function() {
        }, function() {

        $('#rbl_2 :radio').hover(

        function() {
        }, function() {
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You can use the jQuery UI position utility to do this: http://jqueryui.com/demos/position/

For example, to position the "center top" of your <div id="divid0" style="border:1px;">0</div> dialog at the "center bottom" of <div id="rbl_1"><input type="radio" group="one" id="r1" value="Milk"> Milk</div> you would do this:

 $('#divid0').position({ my: 'center top', at: 'center bottom', of: '#rbl_1' }); 
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did not show anything after i add the above line to my jquery. –  Abu Hamzah May 17 '11 at 15:36
fyi: the above answer is not what it fixed what i wanted but i just close for the sake of clean-up –  Abu Hamzah May 25 '11 at 22:41
You chose an incorrect answer as the correct one in order to close it? That's not very helpful... –  Wally Lawless Jul 22 '11 at 18:13

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