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I know, it's possible to define a QObject with custom properties and expose this object in QML environment. But this way, for each new property I'd need to recompile C++ code.

Is it possible, to make a dynamic binding from C++/Qt to QML-objects? Something like:

//C++ code: 
updateProperty("myQmlObject.any_property", "Hello World");

Thank you!


_view->rootContext()->setContextProperty( "cppmessage" , "Hello from C++" );

WHERE: view is a QDeclarativeView, and cppmessage is used in QML without prior declaration like: "text: cppmessage"

This link was usefull for finding the solution:

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Yes, This can be done. Link

// MyItem.qml
import QtQuick 1.0

Item {
    property int someNumber: 100

QDeclarativeEngine engine;
QDeclarativeComponent component(&engine, "MyItem.qml");
QObject *object = component.create();

qDebug() << "Property value:" << QDeclarativeProperty::read(object,"someNumber").toInt();
QDeclarativeProperty::write(object, "someNumber", 5000);

qDebug() << "Property value:" << object->property("someNumber").toInt();
object->setProperty("someNumber", 100);

Edit:1 Another way to do it , as suggested by @Valentin is listed here link

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Thank you for the answer. hover I found out, it seems to be quiet easy: setContextProperty. Thank you anyway! – Valentin Heinitz May 17 '11 at 18:01
I guess that is another way to do it as well, i will add that to the answer. – Abhijith May 17 '11 at 18:18

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