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I have a database with names stored. I have my query of the database working, but lets say I have 5 names that I want to display in a drop down menu. How do I make the default text in the drop down menu display those 5 names?

Basically what I am trying to accomplish is this:

Query my database and store all the names of clients to a variable. Say there are 5 names in the database, I need those 5 names to be stored in a variable. And then for my drop down menu, normally I put the text in like this: < option>Single Floor< /option>

But how do I get those 5 names to appear in the drop down list?

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I'm not too familiar with PHP but you should be able to bind your dataset returned from the database with your drop down list control. Hope this helps! –  lhan May 17 '11 at 15:53

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Below is a simple pseudo-script that selects information from a database and outputs a select drop down box. You will need to replace *_fetch_array with whatever DB Extension you are using, and $row['Value'] and $row['DisplayValue'] with the appropriate field names from your DB Schema.

<select name = 'iAmASelect' id = 'iAmaASelect'>
    $DB_Rows = /* fetch data from database */;
    while($row = *_fetch_array($DB_Rows))
        echo("<option value = '" . $row['Value'] . "'>" . $row['DisplayValue'] . "</option>");

The select will submit $row['Value'] to the form handler, while displaying $row['DisplayValue'] to the user in the drop down list.

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And if the value portion is non-numeric, better pass it through htmlspecialchars() so that any embedded quotes don't "break" the form. –  Marc B May 17 '11 at 16:03
@Marc B: Agreed, thanks for clearing up my oversight :) –  watcher May 17 '11 at 16:10

If I understand it right you want a select box where the first option contains all the names AND each name also is an option.

Either implode your array with names into a string.

or use a for(each) loop.

$string ='';
foreach($rows as $k=>$names ){

  $string.=$names.' ';

 $string =trim($string).


  <option value='0' selected="selected"> <?=$string;?> </option>
  ## loop your names as options.
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Just using the following code :

<select name="shipDec" id="shipDec">
      echo "<option value='".$i."'";
      echo 'selected="selected"';   
      echo ">".$i."</option>";  

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