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How can I replace all the '\' chars in a string into '/' with C#? For example, I need to make @"c:/abc/def" from @"c:\abc\def".

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The Replace function seems suitable:

string input = @"c:\abc\def";
string result = input.Replace(@"\", "/");

And be careful with a common gotcha:

Due to string immutability in .NET this function doesn't modify the string instance you are invoking it on => it returns the result.

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var replaced = originalStr.Replace( "\\", "/" );
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You need to escape the \

mystring.Replace("\\", "/");
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var origString = origString.Replace(@"\", @"/");
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string result = @"c:\asb\def".Replace(Path.DirectorySeparatorChar,Path.AltDirectorySeparatorChar);
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@"C:\abc\def\".Replace(@"\", @"/");
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string first = @"c:/abc/def";
string sec = first.Replace("/","\\");
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oops, I misread 'from' and 'to'. Just switch the arguments and you're good to go. –  kmerkle May 17 '11 at 17:00

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