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Hi is there any equivalent method in classic ASP for C#.net function "System.Convert.ToByte" ?

basically i am encoding one string in my windows app using c#. and in classic asp it need to be decoded in which it need to use the above function.

Thanks, Vinod

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Can I ask why you're converting strings into bytes at all? Strings in C# are, I believe, encoded internally as UTF-8 and will display correctly in on any web page with encoding set to UTF-8 as well. –  Rob Raisch May 17 '11 at 17:28

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Perhaps I'm missing something important here but how about int=Val(ch) and ch=Chr(int)?

Also and as I'm sure you already know, converting the characters in a C# string into bytes will fail for any string containing anything outside of the extended ASCII range, i.e. 00=NUL to FF='ÿ'.

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