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I am learning about Win32API . My Program have two function . I try use debug mode in VC++ . I set a break point when call dumy function

void CALLBACK Dummy(){

    printf("\n Hello Dummy Func!");


int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]){

      (breakPoint) Dummy();

when I call dumy() function . Program jump to a address 012110D7 as flow code

012110D7  jmp         Dummy(12113A0h) 

while real address of dummy function is 12113A0h My Question is How to get real address of Dummy function is 12113A0h The Problem resolved when i run in release Mode. This is first time i join StackOver flow . I hope every body help me. Thank you !! BUZZ

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This jmp instruction is inserted by the linker to support Edit + Continue in the Debug configuration. Which allows editing and compiling your code while you debug. The extra indirection through the jmp instruction allows generating a different version of the function, the jmp destination is altered to make the changes effective.

Turn Edit and Continue off with Project + Properties, Linker, General, Enabled Incremental Linking = No.

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thank you :X . When i add static modifier then my problem resolved –  BabyCat May 17 '11 at 20:56

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