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Some FB users have not uploaded a profile photo. When they authenticate to my app I don't want to store these default FB photos like so:

Is there an API call I can use to determine if the user has uploaded a custom photo?


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Don't know what else to tell you :)

The only way I could think of doing it would be to pull the user's albums and look for the "Profile Pictures" album. There's a count element there.

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bummer, not a bad idea. – AnApprentice May 17 '11 at 17:40

Maybe. Read Your app can subscribe to changes to a user's properties. The profile picture is a property of the user object so you can be notified when it changes. The other photos are not properties of the user object, they are listed under Connections at so I don't know if you can access them from the real time notification api. Whatever, you need the user_photos permission to list them.

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