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Suppose I have a table, like so:

UserID    Meh    Meh //meh is some column
01        ...    ...
01        ...    ...
03        ...    ...
05        ...    ...
05        ...    ...
01        ...    ...
03        ...    ...

So I want to count how many times each userid appears in this table. I am doing this now:

select UserId from NinjaTable group by UserId 

but its giving me something that I dont know or understand. I want the result to be like so:

UserID    Frequency
01        3
03        2
05        2
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you are almost there.

You are grouping correctly, just add the count to select clause.

select UserId, COUNT(*) from NinjaTable group by UserId order by COUNT(*) desc

that should do it really.

edit: thanks to @abe for pointing the order.

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Shouldn't it be desc instead of asc? – Abe Miessler May 17 '11 at 17:44
@Abe, yes, you are right, thanks :) – iamserious May 17 '11 at 17:48

Try something like:

select UserId, count(*) as Frequency from NinjaTable group by UserId

Tack on an order by UserId if you want.

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select UserID, Count(*) 
from theTable 
group by UserID
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I think what you really want to use is the COUNT function:

SELECT UserID, COUNT(*) AS Frequency FROM NinjaTable GROUP BY UserID
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You would use the group by statement:


This would group all the user Ids, find the count of rows (the frequency for you), and then sort the result set by the frequency descending.

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