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We want to build a product for the market and have other products in WordPress. We are more of a Microsoft shop so we have been watching Orchard for a little bit.

The question is do you think Orchard CMS is ready for prime time? Would you release a commercial product on top of it as a framework or just build your own?


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There was a similar question (although touching security and stability of Orchard).

As I said there, I found Orchard perfectly good for building a commercial applications on top of it. Basically I use it to build application front-ends (leveraging the flexible Orchard content type mechanism) which communicate with underlying BI services. It works like a charm and saved me a lot of time.

Would I release a boxed product using Orchard? I guess so, as reinventing the wheel is not the thing I like to do and also because Orchard is a giant time-saver (which greatly shortens TTM). As v1.0 was not commercial-ready IMO, v1.1 and newer surely are.

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