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Any option to get Enterprise Architect to recognize optional parameters in C#?

I have attempted to import existing code and get the following error:

There was an error parsing C:\MyProject\FooBar.cs on line 30. Unexpected symbol: =


public void Foo(int bar = 1) //Line 30

I have also attempted to start from scratch and generate code from Enterprise Architect. I created a class, then added an operation to that class and defined the parameters. The form for editing parameters allows me to supply the "Name", "Type", and "Default" (as well as other information). I added Name: bar, Type: int, Default: 1. Then when I generated the code this is what I get (no optional parameter generated!)

namespace System {
    public class FooBar {

        /// <param name="bar"></param>
        public void Foo(int bar){


    }//end FooBar

}//end namespace System

What am I doing incorrectly?

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Where are you seeing this error? Is it in the error window, produced from compiler, some other tool, etc ... –  JaredPar May 17 '11 at 18:41

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Sparx has just released version 9 of EA, which has support for C# 4.0.

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Wow, literally it came out today! –  michael May 17 '11 at 20:52

Optional parameters are supported from C# 4.0 and up. If you are using an older version then using them will simply not work and result in the error you are mentioning.

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