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I setup a crontab that run a php script regularly. The php script runs a pig script using exec().

However I get this error message:

sh: pig: command not found

How can this be solved?

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Can you run pig normally, from the command line? If so, run whereis pig to get the full path and use that in the crontab entry. If not, install it (using whatever method/package manager is normal on your OS.

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yeah, i can run pig successfully, i do have full path to the pig, and i even try to run the php command directly, it works; further i tried to run the pig in sh 'sh pig -x local /full path/pigscript.pig' it worked, just the crontab job won't actually run the pig because i don't see any results generated. i setup the crontab using my account not root, would that cause a problem...? –  ohana May 17 '11 at 19:40
So, just to be clear, the php program works as you expect when you run it directly? But the same exact php program fails when run by cron? I have to admit I'm rather stumped...what OS is this? –  Anschel Schaffer-Cohen May 19 '11 at 0:53

Looks like your first issue is not able to find the pig path in the crontab since the error is "sh: pig: command not found". You might have a PATH variable in your local environment which is no longer present in your cron environment, try with absolute path to the pig script in your cron.

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