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I'm trying to develop a simple hl7 server using the hapi library, based on this example: http://hl7api.sourceforge.net/xref/ca/uhn/hl7v2/examples/SendAndReceiveAMessage.html

I can send a query message to another, I get the acknowledgement on the socket used to send the QBP^Q22, but had no luck receiving the query response on a seperate port. I've tried to follow the above example as closely as possible, and tried replacing the SimpleServer with TwoPortServer, but that didn't seem to work any better. Any ideas?

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In my experience, there are two fields in the MSH segment that allow you to tell the client and server which ports to communicate over. From what I can tell about the message that you are hard coding, these two ports are not shown. In order to follow the HL7 standard, I recommend figuring out how those two fields are used.

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Hi, afraid I don't follow your answer - which MSH fields? btw, I ended up working around this by patching ca.uhm.hl7v2.app.Reciever, which sufficed for my modest purposes –  souter Jul 11 '11 at 14:38
It looks like my answer is irrelevant to what you were trying to accomplish. Glad you solved your problem. –  AndHeCodedIt Jul 11 '11 at 17:35

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