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I've a question about that:

@st = exam.students.find(:all)
@st.each do |student|

Return me an array with all student, but:

exam.students.each do |student|

Return me an array with 4 times each students

Here is a print


Anyone have an idea about that?


Here is my Exam Model:

set_table_name "exam"
set_primary_key "ID_Exam"

belongs_to :questionnaire, :foreign_key => "ID_Questionnaire"

has_many :responses, :foreign_key => "ID_Exam"
has_many :students, :through => :responses, :foreign_key => "ID_Exam", :group => "response.ID_Student" 

belongs_to :professor, :foreign_key => "ID_Professor"

has_many :student_exam_times
has_many :exam_halted_students
has_many :exam_paused_students
has_many :answered_questions

And this my Student Model:

set_table_name "student"
set_primary_key "ID_Student"

has_one :user, :foreign_key => "ID_User"

has_many :group_student, :foreign_key => "ID_Student", :group => "group_student.ID_Group"
has_many :groups, :through => :group_student, :foreign_key => "ID_Group"

has_many :responses, :foreign_key => "ID_Student"
has_many :exams, :through => :responses, :foreign_key => "ID_Exam", :group => "exam.ID_Exam"

has_many :student_exam_times
has_many :exam_halted_students
has_many :exam_paused_students
has_many :marked_questions
has_many :answered_questions

has_many :messages, :order => "viewed ASC, send_at DESC"


Here is my block:

    students_exam = exam.students.find(:all)
    students_exam.each do |student|
      cont=StudentExamTime.find(:first,:conditions => {:student_id => student.id, :exam_id => params[:exam_id].to_i })
      if cont==nil
      cont.time=bd_time + params[:time].to_i
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that's weird, what does exam.students.count say? –  sled May 17 '11 at 18:49
Hi, thx for your response. exam.students.count return 12 and 3 for exam.students.find(:all) –  Michaël May 17 '11 at 19:11
hi, can you post the has_many association in the exam model? And check your database table with the mysql admin console. –  sled May 17 '11 at 19:17

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Add :uniq => true


has_many :students, :through => :responses, :foreign_key => "ID_Exam", :group => "response.ID_Student"

in your exam model

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Thanks, it works fine ! Do you have an explication why whitout ":uniq => true" exam.students return each students 4 times? –  Michaël May 17 '11 at 20:07
What uniq does is it adds distinct to the select query. Your query based on the joins is returning not just the uniq rows but all the rows that it this will match your criteria. –  Ajay Kumar Guthikonda May 17 '11 at 20:12
Ok thanks and thank everybody too ! –  Michaël May 17 '11 at 20:16

I have a suspicion your block within

exam.students.each do |student|

is returning an array of 4 students. can you post that block too.

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Looks like exam.students is returning every student with that associated exam (even duplicates)

Whereas exam.students.find(:all) is returning a list of unique students.

What does your model relation look like and your table setup?

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Can you post the relationships in your Exam model?

My initial feeling is that you have more-complex-than-typical relationship between exam and students that could benefit from a "DISTINCT" declaration.

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