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I have a list of abbreviations

Letters = ['Ala', 'Asx', 'Cys', ... 'Glx']

I want to output this to a text file that will look this like:

Ala, Asx, Cys, ..... Glx

Noob programmer here! I always forget the simplest things! ah

please help and thanks!

import Bio
from Bio import Seq
from Bio.Seq import Alphabet

output = 'alphabetSoupOutput.txt'
fh = open(output, 'w')
ThreeLetterProtein = '#Three Letter Protein'
Letters = Bio.Alphabet.ThreeLetterProtein.letters
fh.write(ThreeLetterProtein + '\n')

  #Don't know what goes here

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So you just want to write out the protein codes? Or are you converting input sequence data to protein codes and trying to write that out? – Stedy May 17 '11 at 19:20
"I always forget the simplest things!". There's a trick. It's called "bookmark the tutorial". It really doesn't cost anything to review. And you might get an answer faster by reading the tutorial than posting here. – S.Lott May 17 '11 at 20:16

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How about fh.write(', '.join(Letters))?

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I don't know much about the bio package but I guess ...

for letter in letters:
    fh.write(letter + ',')


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