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What is a rapid coding language or platform for quickly creating data visualization images in 2d and 3d?

I want to rapidly code up visualizations like this: http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc

I already know how to code OpenGL and DirectX, but those environments are built for rendering speed not coding speed.

To try out many different ideas I don't care if the language is interpreted or slower to render - just the ability to get things on screen in a short amount of time for prototyping.

Maybe even a graphics language for kids would work - or not, I'm open to ideas.

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There is processing, http://processing.org/ which allow quick and dirty code to visualize data. Mostly used by researchers not viable in production. It is written in java. I had a terrible time with it so I am not really fond of it.

Otherwise, you can use python and GraphViz for 2d graph, http://www.graphviz.org/. Python allows really fast development with an easy learning curve.

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How about processing?

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I know this is an old question, but an interesting one. I think a Javascript based data visualization library would fit the requirements very nicely. It's a scripting language making it appropriate for fast prototyping, and your code will basically work anywhere with a browser.

There are numerous Javascript libraries for data visualization, I personally recommend D3.js, as you can see from the demos, they have several charts very similar to the ones linked in this question. This one, for example, was built with the Raphael Javascript library.

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