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I want to create kind of "Friendship" relation between Users models. I also need an additional columns for every friendship. I know I need to use joining class with composite primary key. Thats my User class

public class User implements Serializable {

@Basic(optional = false)
@Column(name = "id")
private Integer id;

private Set<Friendship> friends;

I also have FriendshipId class

public class FriendshipId implements Serializable {
private long friendAId; 
private long friendBId;

And finally Friendship class

public class Friendship implements Serializable {

private Integer friendAId;

private Integer friendBId;

@Basic(optional = false)
private DateTime date_added;

@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="friendAId", referencedColumnName="friendAId")
private User friendA;

@PrimaryKeyJoinColumn(name="friendBId", referencedColumnName="friendBId")
private User friendB;

This seems to work but database table generated in my database consists every ID twice - I guess one set is for primary key and second for foreign keys.

How can I make this PK unique - that Friendship of A to B will be rejected if there is B to A one?

Another question is about a design - is this a good way to achieve what I want to achieve? I mean using composite key instead of simply own pk for Friendship.

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I guess in Friendship entity you added User entity twice (very fine) but why

private Integer friendAId;
private Integer friendBId;

again there? That could be cause of ID getting generated twice.

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