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I'm interested in creating a table with rounded corners without using images.

How can this be accomplished?

My idea was that I could wrap the table with a div and to set the rounded corners to the div. By taking a glance at this fiddle you can see that the tables border overwrites the border of the div. Is there a style which prevents from the overwriting?


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Why dont you just take the border of the table out?


The trick to this working is, as @Luis implies, to take the border off the table and apply it to the wrapping div, applying the border-radius to that element.

JS Fiddle demo.


You can look into PIE CSS3 for IE6/7/8 and then CSS3 effects for Chrome/FF/Opera (http://css3pie.com/)


If you don't want the table border you could set border:none on the table element. If you still want the table border, you can set a padding:10px on the div.


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