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I'm looking for info on how to programmatically create an ad-hoc network from within an app on an iOS device. I've heard that this is possible in 4.3 with the hotspot feature but I'm not looking to tether.

I'm also open to options involving jailbreaking and private APIs on devices that don't support 4.3 (iPhone 3G).

Bluetooth is not an option for my usage.


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have you found a suitable solution yet? –  80leaves Aug 17 '12 at 18:49

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I believe it depends on your carrier to allow this configuration or not.

If your carriers does allow, you could find it at

Settings -> General -> Network -> Personal Hotspot

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Thanks, but I'm looking for a programmatic way to create an ad-hoc network from within an app. I've edited my question for clarity. –  Jeremy Herrman May 19 '11 at 18:22
As I see you are open to jailbreak options, so you should checkout MyWi modmyi.com/forums/iphone-news/… –  Felipe Sabino May 19 '11 at 19:55
UOW! I have just read the "within my app" text... Sorry, MyWi is not a solution in that case... –  Felipe Sabino May 20 '11 at 0:05

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