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I have the following code in place, and it works:

private void OnEvent(object sender, NotificationEventArgs args)
    StreamingSubscription sub = args.Subscription;

    foreach (NotificationEvent notification in args.Events)
        switch (notification.EventType)
            case EventType.NewMail:
                if (notification is ItemEvent)
                    ItemEvent item = (ItemEvent)notification;
                    EmailMessage message = EmailMessage.Bind(service, item.ItemId);

                    string fAddress = message.From.Address;
                    string subject = message.Subject;
                    string body = message.Body.Text;
                    string tAddress = message.ToRecipients[0].Address;

                    //and so on...

However, if I try to set "body" equal to UniqueBody like this...

string body = message.UniqueBody.Text;

That errors out saying, "You must load or assign this property before you can read its value." I was hoping UniqueBody would work out-of-the-box, meaning I wouldn't have to parse a new email to grab the new details I care about. I'm assuming there is something easy I'm missing. Any ideas?

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When you bind the ItemId you wish to receive you need to be explicit in which properties you want.

For example,

var propertySet = new PropertySet(ItemSchema.UniqueBody);
var email = EmailMessage.Bind(service, item.ItemId, propertySet);

The PropertySet class has an overload that includes params[] so you're free to include/exclude a number of additional properties. Simply look through the ItemSchema enum and select the ones you want.

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This is what I ended up using:

PropertySet pSet = new PropertySet(new[]{ ItemSchema.UniqueBody });
pSet.RequestedBodyType = BodyType.Text;
pSet.BasePropertySet = BasePropertySet.FirstClassProperties;
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