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I am able to check out an entire svn repository using the following command:

svn co https://myaccount.svn.beanstalkapp.com/myapp/

But I cannot figure out the command to commit a single file. If I make to change to myapp/page1.html.

How can I check in just that one file?

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cd myapp/trunk
svn commit -m "commit message" page1.html

For more information, see:

svn commit --help

I also recommend this free book, if you're just getting started with Subversion.

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You can use

cd /You folder name
svn commit 'your file path' -m "Commit message you want to give"

You can also drage you files to command promt instead to write cd [common in MAC OSx]

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strange that your command works, i thougth it would need a target directory. but it looks like it assumes current pwd as default.

cd myapp
svn ci page1.html

you can also just do svn ci in or on that folder and it will detect all changes automatically and give you a list of what will be checked in

man svn tells you the rest

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You have a file myFile.txt you want to commit.

The right procedure is :

  1. Move to the file folder
  2. svn up
  3. svn commit myFile.txt -m "Insert here a commit message!!!"

Hope this will help someone.

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