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I know that Wordpress will permit the creation of a Blog on an already purchased domain or subdomain. They also will host the blog for free, like Blogger does, resulting in the blog being under their domain.

If I host the blog, meaning I put the blog on the client's domain, they can have something like, vs. or

I read that web crawlers LOVE blogs. So I've been looking into how I would offer and setup a Blog for a client.

Question - Which method is best? Put the Blog on the client's domain or let Wordpress/Blogger host it?

I ask because I want to know if letting Wordpress/Blogger host it is going to be less advantageous when it comes to SEO for a client's site. I know I'll be linking to the blog from the client's site, but is it better to have the blog on the client's domain??? Does any of this matter?

I definitely need some insight and expert advice on this...your input is greatly appreciated:)

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For SEO purposes, both are more or less equal. Self-hosting is more work (though Wordpress is very easy to setup/administrate), and less secure (in theory) than hosting at, since you have to keep up with updates/patches a little more vigilantly when hosting a WP blog yourself. Every client I've ever had wanted a self-hosted wordpress blog - they thought it was more professional to have vs.

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For SEO purposes the Self-hosting is definitely more work. Check PageSpeed Score on or and compare them to a Self Hosting Wordpress – hyip Apr 17 '15 at 15:17

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