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I have a project, MyCompany.Common, which does a number of things, including providing a common logging framework that uses NLog. Inside MyCompany.Common, there is an NLog.config file that defines some standard logging targets, and basically a configuration framework of sorts, which includes files from some default (specific to my app) locations, like C:\ProgramData\MyCompany\global.log.config. Nlog.config is set to Copy Always.

The result of this is that when MyCompany.Common gets included in any other project, NLog.config and NLog.dll get deployed to the application directory, and everything Just Works.

However, when MyCompany.Common gets referenced in a web application, the Nlog.* files go into the bin\ directory, while NLog expects the files in the root of the web application folder.

I tried adding a Link to the file, which works great when it gets deployed (the copy from MyCompany.Common gets copied to the root of the web app dir), but doesn't work while Visual studio is debugging.

Short of outright copying the file (which would mean there are 2+ potentially different versions -- and 2+ spots to update), is there any way to set this file up so it ends up in the web app root?

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I'm assuming NLog has no way to tell it where to look? What's your deployment method? –  Calvin Fisher May 17 '11 at 21:21
It's hardcoded. One thought I had is to modify nlog to also look in ./bin/ for the file. Deployment is done using a web deployment project, and then an msbuild script that packages it all up and builds an installer. –  gregmac May 18 '11 at 21:38

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