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I'm working on a "tricky" UI. Part of what I need to do is easily show and hide various UserControls. Generally one control will occupy the entire main window when needed, the other's will hide.

In WinForms I used to simply use SendToBack and BringToFront and easily showed the control I wanted to show. Now I have no clue. Played around with zorder but that didn't seem to work.

I'm thinking maybe put all the controls I want on the main window, then pro-grammatically resize them and remove the unused ones... or something.

Any ideas?

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You should set the Visibility property to Collapsed, Hidden or Visbible depending on whether you want the controls removed, hidden or shown.

As @AresAvatar points out Collapsed removes the control completely so it takes up no space, this means that other controls may move around the container. If the position of elements is important then using Hidden will be the better option.

UIElement.Visibility Property on MSDN
Visibility Enumeration on MSDN

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In some cases you might want to use Hidden instead of Collapsed, in case you do not want your container to resize when things appear or disappear. – Ed Bayiates May 17 '11 at 22:00
Thanks. I was looking for something kind of fancy. What I have done is use a DockPanel; I am making use of <panel>.Children.Remove and Add functions. I am also making use of Opacity; I fade out the component to remove and fade in the panel to add. Looks cool. Too bad as a newbie to wpf it took hours to figure out what might work, and there is probably better ways too... oh well. – user704762 May 17 '11 at 23:39

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