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I'm looking for a list of each file operation. I Googled on, but didn't found anything.

Do you know a where I could find a list of PHP file operations?

$file = fopen("words.txt","**r**"); the r is once File Operation
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Your question needs clarifying, but try the PHP Filesystem Functions section in the PHP manual. (All I did was search for 'PHP file functions' on Google).

If what you're looking for is the file open modes (such as "r", etc.), then you need to look at the fopen() page in the manual (there's a table just down the page).

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Here they have the list of all file functions on the left and within the body of that document they have all the modes you can use within fopen


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Is what you are looking for?

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If you're doing file work within php, I highly recommend looking at the SPL libraries, as they're a much nicer API, and OO to boot.

General SPL info can be found here: And a decent tutorial:

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