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IN my application I need to call intent of Gtalk. therefore at first i need to install Gtalk on my emulator to do initial test. But i could not find any apk which successfully install on Android emulator. I am using Android SDK 3.0 and developing application for Android Tablet. I have tried following method no one work on emulator.

1).I have got some Apk's like TalkProvider.apk Talk.apk

I tried to install them in the order mentioned above, Talkprovider install successfully but when I'm trying to install gtalkservice.apk following error display on the console


Hence I couldn't reach at the point to install Talk.apk. adb install gtalkservice.apk

2)i the 2nd method got following file by digging on internet (apk and lib file) Talk2.apk

so lib and apk files need to push in the emulator using command adb push /system/lib/ , same command for Talk2.apk

How could I get Gtalk on my emulator to call intent of Gtalk from my app. Or could I used any other Messenger which consists of many IM contacts (gtalk, yahoo, msn) like 'FRING', mean I install Fring in my emulator and call intnet of Gtalk to FRING? the requirement is , in my application gtalk contacts are display and when I click some contact then Gtalk/Fring install in my device open to start chat.

How could I full fill this requirement?

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This is not possible on the emulator unless you run a system image with the Google apps installed. You should use a Google device with the Google apps installed (Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab, etc) to test this type of functionality.

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Thanks Nate, so you mean its not possibale on the Emulator and i have to test on device ? – Ijaz Ahmed May 17 '11 at 22:00
or how could i do the alternate you told , mean run system image with google apps installed, and what is system image? – Ijaz Ahmed May 17 '11 at 22:06

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