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So far I've been using wget and curl to do screen scraping. Now I would like to switch to perl. What's a good tutorial that will cover basic web programming in perl (preferably without restating the basics)? I'm talking about basic things like getting and parsing pages, submitting forms, proxies, etc.

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Tools you will need besides Perl:

  1. HTTP Live Headers (Firefox extension) or eqv. to reverse engineer Javascript requests to primitive GET / POST so you can mimic that with Mechanize or LWP, etc.
  2. As already mentioned by other posters, a good headless-browser is WWW::Mechanize module.
  3. I would suggest spending some time learning HTML::TreeBuilder & especially HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath and HTML::Query. the last two will become very handy when you will want to get actual data from HTML documents.
  4. HTML::TableExtract is also a nice module to extract data from HTML tables when needed.

basically, using all of the above will give you the ability to crawl most sites.

Have fun crawling (-:

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Web::Query supports more complicated selectors than HTML::Query because it does not implement this on its own, but delegates this part to the excellent feature-complete HTML::Selector::XPath. –  daxim May 18 '11 at 11:08

I've used WWW-Mechanize in the past to achieve the basic web crawling functionality, including form submission and the like.

There are some pretty good examples.

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