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I'm trying to add a proxy to a public repository (specifically camel-extra). However, I get the following error in my Nexus logs:

Cannot fetch remote index for repository camel-extra

and then further down:

The remoteURL we requested does not exists on remote server (remoteUrl="")

I've ensured that 'Download Remote Indexes' is 'True', repaired the index, updated the index, all to no avail. Browsing to the provided URL shows that the artifacts are there.

So if a repository doesn't have this file, is it not proxy-able through Nexus?

TIA, Roy


Thanks for the answers everyone - was able to pull the artifacts without the index. Thanks again!

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Could you be please so kind and tell us how you have been able to configure the repository without the remote index download? Your selected answer does not answer this. – guerda Nov 19 '13 at 13:01
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Repositories without indexes published will be still proxy-able thru Nexus (or any other MRM). Index is only a "topping" providing useful extras like searching the whole remote content, etc.

The index does not participate in proxy-ing at all, hence the lack of it on remote does not affect main functionality of Nexus at all: to proxy artifacts from remote repository.

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From the nexus documentation, it appears that downloading an index is configurable.

The default for new proxy repositories is enabled, but all of the default repositories included in Nexus have this option disabled.

You should disable the Downloading of Remote Index.

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But downloading the remote index is exactly what I want to do.. – Roy Truelove May 18 '11 at 11:21
@Roy. Why would you want to download a remote index which does not exist? All you want is to proxy the remote repository which is still possible with nexus. Others have pointed out the same. – Raghuram May 18 '11 at 11:25

Yes, it is proxyable. Just try to download an artifact which is hosted in that repository. The indexes only affect searching and the index published in turn by Nexus.

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