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I would like to create a navigation based application without the Table View stuff... when I select "navigation based application" at the project start, I get a Root view that inherits from UITableViewController... I wish to inherit from UINavigationController and delete all the table methods in the implementation file... question is...

how do I change the XIB in interface builder to give a simple UIView rather than UITableView?

please and thank you

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Open it up, delete the UITableView and drag in a UIView? Seems fairly logical to me. – Nick Bedford May 18 '11 at 1:14
Sounds like you're pretty new to interface builder and xcode. The Apple iOS developer center site has tones of get-started material that will answer these simple questions. – enamrik May 18 '11 at 1:19

In the Objects list, select the TableView, press Delete.

enter image description here

Then drag in whatever type of view you want, like a NavBar controller.

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It is simple, but some people forget a few steps.

  1. delete the table view
  2. add a view
  3. make sure to wire up the outlet for the viewcontroller.view
  4. in the .h file change the super class to view controller, rather than tableview controller.
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First Delete the UITableView from .xib then add the view in .xib and delete the UITableViewController from .h class and edit it with UIViewController.

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