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I have a wp_nav_menu "Main Menu" such as the following:

  • Top Level (#menu-item-1)
    • Sub Item
    • Sub Item
  • Top Level (#menu-item-2)
    • Sub Item
  • Top Level (#menu-item-3)
    • Sub Item A
    • Sub Item B
    • Sub Item C

Then in my template I want to be able to echo wp_nav_menu Main Menu sub items for say top level with id of menu-item-3.

So something like this: (but that would actually work of course)

wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Main Menu' 'menu-item-id' => '3' ));

And that would return:

<li>Sub Item A</li>
<li>Sub Item B</li>
<li>Sub Item C</li>

If it matters this is so I can show the sub items as side menu interior based on which main menu item section your in dynamically. Thanks in advance!

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While looking for this myself I came across:


The trick is to add a custom Walker.

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