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I cant find a good way to use sessions stored in mysql with express and node.js. Anyone has some tips of modules or a way to achieve this?

thanks in advance

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I've created a very simple MySQL session store called connect-mysql-session. This is handy if you already have a MySQL database handy and want to use it to persist sessions. Install it via npm with:

[sudo] npm install [-g] connect-mysql-session
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This module has gone unsupported for 2 years. I created a new one (with unit and integration testing): – c.hill Nov 17 '13 at 20:06

There are currently seven session connection management middleware for connect (upon which express runs) that I am aware of:

express-session (bundled with express, uses MemoryStore)






cookie-sessions (stores sessions in client-side cookies)

In able to use Mysql as a session store, someone would need to create a connect middleware for it. (connect-redis is only 125 lines so it's probably not a herculean task.)

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