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Is it possible to have my webservice client in the same project as my webservice?

When I try and build the project, NetBeans cant find a reference to the WSDL as it is not deployed.

What is the approved way of doing this?


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I figured this out.

Just needed to add the eventual url of the web-service in web/WEB-INF/wsdl/mywsdlfile.wsdl where it stipulates:

<soap:address location="REPLACE_WITH_ACTUAL_URL"/>

Doing this, then clean-build and deploy, fixed all my problems. Now I have both my service and client running in the same project.

I'm not liking that NetBeans has so many property/configuration files. Seems to me that NetBeans is trying to do too much.


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It is not currently possible to have a service and its client in the same ant based NetBeans project as created by NetBeans. You could probably hack the build.xml to make it possible... but I do not know the details of the hacking necessary to make it possible.

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see my answer above. – wulfgarpro May 18 '11 at 2:33

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