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I have a current need to greatly increase my knowledge around DSLs. Who are the big names in DSLs? What blogs should I be reading?

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Martin Fowler has written a book on DSLs (Amazon link). Ayende Rahien has completed a book on writing DSLs in Boo, which also is available online via Manning's early access program. The former is conceptual while the latter is a practical guide.

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+1 Do you know what Ayende uses as a domain for his DSL in the book? I have read the first chapter it seems really good. But still rough around the edges. – BuddyJoe Mar 3 '09 at 5:40

You can read a lot of interesting stuff about language design on the Lambda the Ultimate blog.

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+1 I like that blog too. – BuddyJoe Mar 3 '09 at 5:37

Martin Fowler is the first one that jumps to mind. He has links to other resources on his page, too.

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I know that's an old question, but I enjoy reading eelco visser's blog

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Martin Fowler and Eric Evans for a start.

Jimmy Nilsson perhaps.

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Paul Hudak is one of the people who worked on Haskell, and has written this paper about implementing embedded DSLs in Haskell.

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Ayende Rahien blogs about various things, including DSLs via Boo

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