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Im looking for a list or just suggestions on some Django Admin must haves or things that people tend to use.

I'm particularly interested in adding a Wysiwyg or Markdown Editor to the the TextAreas in the Django Admin.

Any suggestions?

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There are a number of apps that add wysiwyg editors to Django's admin, such as django-wysiwyg. There are also a couple of articles on this subject in Django's wiki. Some other django apps that are great for admin customization are django-admin-tools and grappelli. Beyond being a general ovehaul of the user interface, grappelli also includes support for the inclusion of a wysiwig editor. And as always, the Django docs are usually a good first stop.

Personanlly, I'm particularly fond of grappelli, it's been used to great effect on a number of Django projects, including mezzanine and a few of my own! Here's a preview of the facelift it gives Django's admin:

enter image description here

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Super! Thats the kind of stuff I needed to know. – a.m. May 18 '11 at 4:03

Have you take a look at this list ?

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I use the django-adimin-tools myself, it lets you create custom menus and custom dashboard as well as custom css. Here is what it looks like pretty much out of the box. Items are draggable. More on that here.

Django Admin Tools Look

I also used django-admin-bootstrapped which uses twitter bootstrap to make the admin look nicer. more information on it here.

Django Bootstrapped Admin Look

Grapelli is probably the most popular though and I have been using it in my Mezzanine apps but haven't yet tried it in a vanilla Django app as of yet.

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