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My Django application structure looks like this:

    |   |____first_app
    |   |____second_pass

and I'm on Windows. Where do I have to paste modelviz.py? and also what command do I have to run to make it work? When I paste modelviz.py in apps and run

d:\projects\MyProject\apps> python modelviz.py first_app > diagram_1.dot
I get an error

ImportError: Settings cannot be imported, because environment variable DJANGO_SE
TTINGS_MODULE is undefined.
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You need to set the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable first. In the documentation you will find that you can do this with

set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=mysite.settings

under Windows...

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DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE problem. But what command should I write when my settings.py file is in the root directory and all my apps are in the apps directory - I had to move my apps out of the apps folder just to test this. –  Siavash May 18 '11 at 9:27

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