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I am not good at OOD yet so it would nice to receive some advices. I am going to write wrapper class for working with many social networks and services through it's APIs. I want my wrapper could hide specifics for every service/social network behind one interface. It should be flexible and easy to reuse.

For example:

$sn = new SocialNetworks();
$sn->post(new Twitter('some post body'));
$sn->post(new Facebook(array('photo'=>'blabla.jpg')));
$sn->post(new Tumblr('long text'))->attach('blabla.jpg');

Well, something like this. So what could be the best design solution for this? Thank you

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You are probably better off defining an interface for all actions and then implement that interface in all the socialnetwork classes. Something along the lines of

interface ISocialNetwork {
   public function post();
class Twitter implements ISocialNetwork {
   public function post() {
class Facebook implements ISocialNetwork {
   public function post() {

$Tw = new Twitter('some post body');
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I think you should think of a factory :

Maybe something like this :

class Service
    public static function build($type)
        $class = 'Service' . $type;
        if (!class_exists($class)) {
            throw new Exception('Missing format class.');
        return new $class;

class ServiceTwitter {}
class ServiceFacebook {}

try {
    $object = Service::build('Twitter');
catch (Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();
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