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I have two tables, that share the same definition. I commonly insert new objects into one of these tables, let's call it Table1. From time to time, I want to move one entry from Table1 to the other table (Table2).

How can I achieve this using the OpenJPA Framework? The object is clearly bound to one table ...

public class TrackingEntry {

    private Integer id;

    private String lastName;

    private String firstName;

    // rest omitted

Any Ideas besides using an "on delete" trigger on database level? (I'd like to hold this logic in code only).

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Well, I cannot think of a "one-step solution".

Your entities are inherently linked to a table. So, one solution could be to define a secondary entity class linked to your secondary table.

This secondary class could inherit from the first one to ensure compatibility, and you could provide a copy constructor that receives an instance of the parent and copies all attributes every time you want to move a record. Then you could delete the original record from the original table by deleting the original entity.

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I also had this thought, but I hoped, there would be a more ... "flexible" method. Although I agree this would work, it might be a bit tedious if you have an object holding > 100 properties or, for that matter, hold an object with several related objects. – Dan Soap May 18 '11 at 21:51

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