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Hey Guys, I am making an android app that will display nearest shopping mall to the user.

I want to know that how do i develop app that can open google map in which i have marked the places.

For example if a person is going from place A to B. I want to display all the shopping mall as he moves from A to B. But in the public google maps it will shop up everything that will come up from place A to B like hospitals, schools etc. I just want that only shopping malls should be shown.

How to do that.

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  1. Check following example to draw pin/overlay on google map


  1. Check following api to fetch nearest location.


With combination of above two you can achieve your goal.


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Could you please explain it little bit or suggest me a open app with source so i can take help –  aki003 May 22 '11 at 16:41
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