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I'm new to android development I'm writing an application that will talk to a server over TCP/IP I was planning to use the java.net.Socket package but then I've found that there is a android.net.LocalSocket also. Does anyone know the difference between these or have a suggestion when to use which one of these.


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Did you consider checking the API references first? Here's the definition for java.net.Socket and android.net.LocalSocket. The latter is described as, "Creates a (non-server) socket in the UNIX-domain namespace. The interface here is not entirely unlike that of java.net.Socket"; the obvious difference is it has a single public constructor LocalSocket().

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Yes I read the API ,the "not entirely unlike" made me a little bit confused. Why should I select one over the other. Any suggestion when to use which one of them? –  Peter May 18 '11 at 10:55
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