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I am using a jelly script with ext-email plugin. If I would like to add a picture myself how do I do that in a jelly script. I have tried alot of diffrent ways but still it is the wrong search way.

<IMG SRC="${JENKINS_HOME}email-templates/jenkins-logo/jenkins-logo/32x32/logotitle.jpg"/>
<IMG SRC="${rooturl}email-templates/jenkins-logo/jenkins-logo/32x32/logotitle.png"/>
<IMG SRC="${rooturl}Jenkins/email-templates/jenkins-logo/jenkins-logo/32x32/logotitle.gif"/>
<IMG SRC="C:/Jenkins/email-templates/jenkins-logo/jenkins-logo/32x32/logotitle.gif"/>

Please advise me.

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You can use userContent directory to use any external resources.

For your problem:

1. You should put "myself.png" to $JENKINS_HOME/userContent directory

2. In jelly script you may use <IMG SRC="${rooturl}/userContent/myself.png"/>

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