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I've created a custom Zend_form_element following a tutorial to have some custom input data. Everything is more or less okay, it displays correctly and so on. What i need to do is to populate it when i display the form for updating or when displaying the form when it does not pass validation. Here is the code for my custom element:

class ZC_Form_Element_TabellaRendite
    extends Zend_Form_Element_Xhtml

    public $helper = "tabellaRenditeElement";
    private $_data;
    // the second paramater was added by me, i'll explain why below
    function __construct($spec, $data = null){
        $this->_data = $data;

    public function setValue() {


    public function getValue() {

        return $this->_data;

And here is the helper function

    class ZC_View_Helper_TabellaRenditeElement
        extends Zend_View_Helper_FormElement

        protected $html = '';

        public function tabellaRenditeElement ($name, $value=null, $attribs = null){
//Here the $attribs are correctly the $specs i passed, the $value only has some value because of the workaround i explain below
            $helper = new Zend_View_Helper_FormText();
            fb($value, 'value in ');
            fb($name, 'name');
            $options = array('class'=> 'somma','size'=> 4);
            $optionsReadonly = array('readonly' => 1, 'class'=> 'totale', 'size'=> 4);
            if (!$attribs['modificabile']){
                $options['readonly'] = 1;
            $this->html .= "
            <table class='display datatablesRendite' id='tableRendite' style='border:1px solid;'>
                            <tr bgcolor='#B8D3E8'>
                                <th>RENDITA da LOCAZIONI (canone di locazione - manutenzione)</th>
            $this->html .= '<tr>';
            $this->html .= '<td>LOCALI COMMERCIALI - IMPIANTI SPORTIVI</td>';
            $this->html .= '<td>';
            $this->html .= $helper->formText("renditaImpianti",$value['renditaImpianti'], $options);
            $this->html .= '</td>';
            $this->html .= '</tr>';
            $this->html .= '<tr>';
            $this->html .= '<td>LOCALI COMMERCIALI - AGGIUNTI (servizio di ristorazione)</td>';
            $this->html .= '<td>';
            $this->html .= $helper->formText("renditaAggiunte", $value['renditaAggiunte'], $options);
            $this->html .= '</td>';
            $this->html .= '</tr>';

            $this->html .= '</tbody></table>';

            return $this->html;

I'm totally new to the zend_framework and this is obviously wron, as you se i added a second parameter called data to the __construct of the element: i've done this because when i create my form and pass the data to populate it i don't know how to have it passed to the helper. So i made the workaround of passing the data directly to the custom zend_form_element in the constructor and (i don't know why) it works.

This means that if i do

$form = new My_Form();


$form = new My_Form();

The $value in the helper is empty.

So in the init() function of the form i pass the $data to the custom element like this:

$myCustomElement = new My_custom_element($specs, $data);

and i pass the data to the form on creation

$form = new My_Form($data);//this way i pass the data to populate custom elements
$form->populate($data);//this way i populate all the standard elements

Same for isValid()

$form = new My_Form($_POST);//this way i pass the data to populate custom elements
$form->isValid($_POST);//this way i populate all the standard elements

This way everythings work ok, but i'm sure this is pretty wrong: my boss finally gave me half a day to refactor the code and so i want to poulate bothe the custom and standard fields with $form->populate() and $form->isValid().

P.S. maybe i got everything wrong and this is not the correct way to do what i wanted to do: feel free to point out the correct way, i'm new to the framework and i i hadn't the time to understand it fully.

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Can you provide an example of your $data or $_POST? – Marcin May 18 '11 at 10:29
they are both associativa arrays. $data is the data taken from the db and $_POST is data taken from POST. do you need a var_dump of the exact data? – Nicola Peluchetti May 18 '11 at 10:33
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I think that, as far as populate is concerned, what should be enough is to have ZC_Form_Element_TabellaRendite as follows:

class ZC_Form_Element_TabellaRendite extends Zend_Form_Element_Xhtml {

    public $helper = "tabellaRenditeElement";

    * Is the value provided valid?
    *@param  string $value
    *@param  mixed $context
    *@return bool
     public function isValid($value, $context = null) {
       // you need to specify what it means that your element is valid or not.


You don't need to create any variables for your data. Methods from Zend_Form_Element will take care of this. With this you can set the element value as, e.g.:

    $t = new ZC_Form_Element_TabellaRendite('somename', array('modificabile' =>'1'));

Also you should be able to populate the form with this element as, e.g.:

    $data2Populate = array(
        'somename' => array(
            'renditaImpianti' => 112,
            'renditaAggiunte' => 132

    $myForm = new My_Form();

Hope this helps.

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Yes it helps, the only thing that it's stil not working is when i do $t->setValue($data) and then '$myForm = new My_Form(); $myForm->populate($data2Populate);' $data is null in the form. – Nicola Peluchetti May 18 '11 at 12:54
Of course i put $t->setValue($data) in the init() function of my form. Is it correct? – Nicola Peluchetti May 18 '11 at 13:05
Ok, in the end it was clear, i just didn't have to ovveride the method when i extend Zend_Form_Element_Xhtml. Now everything works correctly – Nicola Peluchetti May 18 '11 at 13:15

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