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I am getting ie script error, how do i handle the dialog in Watin?? i am using the following code, does not work, any suggestions, links, tips..... also tried to disable script debugging, but error is not gone.

-->. how to do it using Watin.

-->. any other method to do the same from the winform application.

var __ie = new WebBrowserIE(webBrowser1);

var thread = new Thread(() =>
var helper = new DialogHandlerHelper();
using (new UseDialogOnce(__ie.DialogWatcher, helper))

foreach (string item in helper.CandidateDialogHandlers)
  //dialog handler to use, but it does not reach here.


thread.IsBackground = true;

enter image description here

Thank you in advance.

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Wow, the solution was easer than it looked, before attaching webrowsercontrol to watin, add

webBrowser1.ScriptErrorsSuppressed = true;

sorry guys :)

Thanks any way.

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I was having the same problem too, but I didn't want to suppress the dialogs, I wanted to record the errors they were throwing.

The following function should handle this:

    public static String HandleDialog(IE ie)
        if (ie.HtmlDialogs.Count > 0)
            HtmlDialog dialog = ie.HtmlDialogs.First();
            String text = dialog.Text;
            return text;
            return "";

I have my tests report a "Pass with warnings" result if any script failures end up occurring.

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