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I'm new to programming,now I'm writing Java Swing application. One of the main tasks is to provide user's authorization (admin, unregistered/registered user). I don't now the best way to realize it. Please give me advice. Thanks.

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Steps can be...

  1. Make a database that contains username/password. [You may also have other system to store username/password instead of database based on your need.]
  2. Create a login frame that asks for username/password.
  3. On click of Login button check entered username/password with that in database.
  4. If correct username/password then show next frame or show error.
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Thanks.What about different privileges?For example,admin "sees" everything and can edit all information,unregistered can only view information,registered edit information entered by himself.What is programming solution of this? –  andre May 18 '11 at 8:50
@user628480: make another role table which contains entries for different role and give reference of this table to login table. [You can also add role column in login table instead of creating new role table] Now after login is successful check for user's role in database and do appropriate action. –  Harry Joy May 18 '11 at 8:51

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