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I have an AIR app, which keeps its settings stored on the disk.

Now, when the application starts, i need to read these values from the disk file and populate the variables in my ModelLocator. My doubt is where to put this code during the App Lifecycle. I have it currently on applicationComplete. Since i am not making any updates to the UI in this code, can i move this initialization code to the 'initialize' event and thereby speed up the startup time?

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yes you can move it in initialize i suggest create wrapper class, for these properties

by doing this validation and other stuff like change in attribute names could be easy,

you only needs to change wrapper class and rest of application will remains same

hopes that helps

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thank you @Imran, one question where should i place this wrapper class in relation to my main file. Are you talking about a Utility class with a static method to do this job? –  midhunhk May 18 '11 at 9:55
no i am talking about simple class same as ValueObject "VO", let say it AppPropertiesVO.as, which usually contains getter and setter methods to communicate with App, and put this class reference/object in Model as attribute. –  Imran May 18 '11 at 10:00

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