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I wants to create winCE 6.0 DLL. I have installed visual studio 2005, platform builder, PB R2, PB R3. HOw to create the wince dll.?

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You don't need Platform Builder to do this - in fact it's definitely the hard way and wrong tool (it will work, but it's like using a backhoe to plant a tulip). Explaining how to do it is a long list, and when you have it built, debugging will be a nightmare.

Instead, do the following:

  • Install Visual Studio 2005 Standard or Studio 2008 Pro (so you get the device compilers).
  • Install an SDK for your target device (or at least an SDK for your target processor)
  • Create a new C++ Win32 Smart Device Project from the File menu
  • Uee the Wizard to select your Platform and select "DLL" in the Application Setting part of the wizard.
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