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I use vim/gvim to edit multiple files. This means I start an instance as server:

gvim --servername VIM

Then i have multiple calls to

vim -remote filename

This works great - until i want to close one of the buffers. If I try to do that the whole server closes, regardless of the command used: :q, :db

This happens with vim and gvim. It happens only if it is used as server.

Any ideas why this is happening? Solutions? Is it a Bug or just a feature I don't really get?

Thanks! Simon

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I'm not seeing that behavior when I try it on vim 7.3. if you do a :ls in the vim you are running how many buffers does it show? I would probably also recommend specifying the server name when opening new files.

vim --servername VIM --remote-silent filename

That way if you have multiple gvims open you can make sure the files open in the right one.

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Hm. today I can't even reproduce it myself... Maybe a reboot helps... Thanks anyway! –  Simon May 19 '11 at 12:49

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